In Solidarity: 8 Weeks of Shabbat

On March 3, more than a dozen Muslims gathered to attend Shabbat at IKAR as part of the Islamic Center’s initiative “8 Weeks of Shabbat.” In light of recent attacks against the Jewish-American community, the Islamic Center has coordinated visits to 8 local synagogues and community centers. In these visits, Muslims will attend Shabbat services in an effort to reach out and stand in solidarity with the Jewish community.

Warmly welcomed by the IKAR, the Muslims who attended Shabbat said they loved being a part of the service and engaging with their Jewish brothers and sisters. Rabbi Sharon Brous, the Founder/Senior Rabbi of IKAR, spoke about the communities coming together and how compassion is what is needed the most in the face of hate and bigotry. 
The past few weeks have been horrific as we have seen more than 70 synagogues, Jewish community centers and cemeteries around the country become the target for anti-semitic attacks in the form bomb threats and defacement. These acts are criminal, and we have to stand with our interfaith allies to show to those attackers and the world that this will not be tolerated. 
This week, the Islamic Center will continue its “8 Weeks of Shabbat” initiative at Temple Emanuel Beverly Hills with Rabbi, Sarah Bassin, the former executive director of NewGround and a great supporter of the American Muslim community.
Blog and photos by Marium Mohiuddin, “8 Weeks of Shabbat” Organizer