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Message of the Quran

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Join us for Qur’anic recitation, a spiritual discussion, followed by ‘Isha prayer and a special supplication with Sheikh Asim Buyuksoy. 

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Reading Material

Qur’an (We have translations available in a variety of languages at the Islamic Center bookstore )


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Asim Buyuksoy, Director of Religious Affairs –

Sunday Programs

The Islamic Center brings you an enriching variety of lectures, panel discussions, interactive activities, or presentations each week with a plentitude of guest speakers who address modern challenges in our everyday life. Topics are timely, relevant, and practical. Our weekly topics vary between spiritual, social, political, educational and personal growth. Remember to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to stay up to date on our upcoming programs. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel to receive notifications when we go live or upload new content.


Parents Circle

“It takes a village.” All parents want to raise healthy and responsible human beings. As American Muslim parents try to instill faith, pride, and service in our offspring, we are faced with unique challenges and have few spaces to share with other parents. Our Parent Circle community strives to help provide a space for parents to help other parents.

Our Parents Circle is a safe and supportive environment where parents can be open and honest with one another.  We teach each other by sharing and learning from our collective experiences, and no topic is off limits. Each session is an opportunity to meet other parents and discuss issues we face. With the facilitation and support of the Sunday Programs Committee we are able to draw on research and share tools from parenting experts. 

The Parents Circle is open to all so bring an open mind and positive attitude and let’s build our village together.

Reading Material