Junior Youth Group

The Junior Youth Group (JYG) provides students ages 11 to 14 with strategies to increase their faith and draw inspiration from a supportive group of friends through an Islamic enrichment program focusing on team building, developing knowledge and encouraging discussion.

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Muslim Youth Group

As a Muslim American teenager, college student or millennial, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of distraction where technology and social media all compete for your time and attention. But what are you doing IRL … ​ In ​Real Life? As our future leaders, YOU are the greatest hope for our ummah’s success. And, right now is the perfect time to prepare yourself. You want an anchor, a group of peers who understands what it means to grow up Muslim and American right now; like-minded people who want more for themselves, who want to develop into their best selves, for this life and the next, and who want to do this TOGETHER.

Read more about the Muslim Youth Group and how you can get involved.