The Junior Youth Group provides students ages 11 to 14 with strategies to increase their faith and draw inspiration from a supportive group of friends through an Islamic enrichment program focusing on team building, developing knowledge and encouraging discussion:
Team Building

It’s easy to feel isolated as a Muslim so we devote time in each JYG session to strengthening ties between the students who are often going through similar struggles. If anything challenging happens at school, home or with friends, they can confide in their fellow students at JYG and have productive discussions with ways to move forward.


Students at JYG receive a enriching lesson on various topics on Islam each week according to the students’ interests as well as current events. Lessons include hadith analysis, learning about inspirational Islamic figures, tafseer (Quran explanation), spirituality as well as modern issues like terrorism and gender relations. We also expand our horizons during interfaith sessions with our partnership with B’nai David.  It’s a great opportunity for the students to enlighten others about Islam and learn about the shared beliefs and unique differences between Islam and Judaism.


JYG serves as a safe space for discussion where everyone can participate and contribute their thoughts on various topics. The result is a diversity of opinions that creates rich discussion and resonates with all the students.

When & Where

The JYG meets on Sundays from September to May on the 2nd floor of the Islamic Center, with two sessions:

  • 10 to 11:30 a.m. dedicated to discussion topics
  • Noon to 1 p.m. dedicated to Arabic and Quran

For more information about the program please contact the JYG coordinator at

Cost: A $50 commitment fee requested at the time of enrollment.

Our JYG Team

  • Maryam Qudrat Ph.D., JYG Coordinator & Curriculum Director

    Maryam founded the Muslim Student Association at Cleveland High School. After earning a doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Southern California, Maryam became a lecturer and has more than 10 years of experience at California State University, Long Beach.  Additional teaching experience includes five years with the Islamic Center Sunday School program. Maryam has produced youth-focused shows on an Islamic cable TV show produced by the Islamic Center, and she’s written a book on the Muslim-American identity following the events of 9/11.

  • Henda Ibrahim, Arabic Instructor

    Henda leads the JYG’s specialized Arabic instruction.