Taking a Stand Against Anti-Semitism

The Islamic Center of Southern California expresses solidarity with our Jewish brethren in light of increased acts of vandalism and bomb threats made against Jewish community centers, cemeteries and synagogues here in Southern California and around the nation.

Since January, more than 70 synagogues and Jewish community centers around the country have been targeted with bomb threats. In addition, at least two Jewish cemeteries have been defaced and vandalized – one in Saint Louis, MO and another in Philadelphia, PA. These acts are abominable and the Islamic Center prays that justice is served. Ironically, the very acts these criminals have committed in attempt to divide Americans have once again brought our country closer together. In one case, passengers in a New York City subway car went into action and acted together to clean anti-Semitic vandalism scrawled inside a subway car; this reflects the America we all strive for.

The Islamic Center of Southern California stands together with our Abrahamic brothers and sisters to protect against the scourge of anti-Semitism.

Let all people of faith and come together in these unprecedented times to protect our religious freedoms and our nation.

This is an official statement from the Islamic Center of Southern California.