“Muslims helping other Muslims be better Muslims.”

(Muslim Youth Group Motto)

Join, connect, participate & grow!

MYG Program

At the MYG we have four main components of our program:

  • Positive Peer Group

    “Muslims helping other Muslims be better Muslims”… MYG Motto

  • American Muslim Identity

    This involves both a deep understanding of the core aspects of Islam and a nuanced understanding of America and being American (i.e. history, culture, politics, values, traditions, etc.) and the intersection of both on an individual and an ummah-wide level.

  • Leadership

    The youth will learn and practice skills needed to lead others. They will organize activities, outings and events, lead discussions, manage volunteers and give talks.

  • Commitment to Service

    Serving others is an important part of building character. Being in service of the larger Muslim community and our society at large is an important part of the MYG experience. Service involves both community service as well as social justice.

MYG Frequently Asked Questions

Our MYG Team

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    For more information or to join, contact Waffa, Youth Coordinator myg@islamiccenter.com

    Waffa Abu-Hajar, Youth Board Director of Communications

    In addition to the MYG Board of Directors, we also have several subcommittees that you can join in your area of interest and become active leaders as well as participants. Contact us if you’re interested.