At the Islamic Center, we strive to practice and present Islam by providing a variety of religious, educational and social activities for Muslims, interfaith partners and anyone interested in learning about the values and teachings of Islam.
Step through our doors and you’ll immediately notice our unique “come as you are vibe,” our progressive leadership and diversity that mirrors the vibrant Southern California landscape and the international tapestry of Muslims.
We welcome and celebrate our rich cultures and backgrounds, we are grounded by our common American Muslim identity, and we are connected through the Quran. Men and women play an active and equal role in leadership, attendance and participation, and our youth are encouraged to engage with the community and become tomorrow’s leaders.
About us

A Regional Leader



Since its founding in 1952, the Islamic Center of Southern California has been blessed to not only become a regional leader in the City of the Angels, but also a national trailblazer in building and promoting the American Muslim identity. Along the way, Center visionaries helped establish several notable civic, educational and charitable institutions to fulfill the American Muslim community’s growing needs, including the Muslim Public Affairs Council and the New Horizon Schools.
The Islamic Center seeks to provide a space and community in which people can embrace their American identity as compatible and complementary to Islamic values, and to promote a socially responsible American Muslim identity. We believe it’s our duty to contribute to the betterment of society and be good neighbors and citizens. This requires working in harmony with other faith groups and civic organizations to enhance our collective future.

Read about our founding mission and approach to Islam, which drive our activities and programs.

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