Lessons Learned at Interfaith Playdate

March 29 marked the second playdate for our New Horizon Kindergarten students and 1st graders with their new friends from St. Brendan. The social hall was buzzing with energy as the students ate pizza, crafted glittery butterflies, played on indoor mats, and the fun continued outside with basketball, hula hoops, and chalk. In addition to the crafts and games, students from both schools also exchanged gifts including puzzles, books, stamps, bracelets, and books about Islam. The schools consider the partnership a success. “Our intention was to teach the children respect for diversity and that is exactly what has happened,” said Mrs. Hussain-Hendricks, “and now our students have made friends with other kids they may never have had a chance to spend time with.”

In December 2016, the Kindergarten teacher at St. Brendan Catholic Elementary School reached out to our New Horizon School in hopes of bringing students from different backgrounds together and cultivating a spirit of unity and diversity within her classroom. Jolanda Hussain, Interim Principal of New Horizon School Los Angeles, graciously accepted the invitation.

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