MYG at ICSC is All About Community
A reflection by Nia Malika-Dixon (MYG Youth Coordinator)

During the blessed month of Ramadan, Los Angeles Muslims fast and pray along with the rest of the world’s billions of Muslims. This kind of unity of sacrifice, of giving, and of love, fosters a community in which we all feel we belong. This is a time for coming together and uniting humanity no matter what creed, nationality, ethnicity, social status, economic class; or hair color, or style of dress. Ramadan is about commUNITY, peace, and love for one another – and the MYG at ICSC has a vision to cultivate that “Ramadan-time feeling” in our community, all year-round. 

Our youth have built a sense of camaraderie; they look out for each other, and encourage each others’ successes. This is the culture of the MYG at ICSC. This is a place of community, where each youth knows s/he belongs because we’ve created a safe space for self-expression that’s judgment-free, and full of love and support.

Every Saturday night during Ramadan the MYG partakes in the Center’s Spiritual Night. Come for the divine and heart-provoking Qur’anic recitation by Imam Asim, and stay for the spiritual talks and social hour connecting with other youth just like you. We’ve encourage each other’s Ramadan success, by setting goals to help get the most from Ramadan, using the We pray taraweeh, and then participate in spiritual talks. The Spiritual talks are about a variety of relevant Ramadan topics and principles, including fasting and why we abstain from not just food and water; also how we can apply the principles of Ramadan to everyday real life. We’ve also gotten to know each other a lot better, discussed ways we can learn from each other’s experiences, and shared stories of ourselves. This coming Saturday, we will welcome a guest speaker, Umar Hakim, to discuss the fasting mindset and Ramadan, including an attitude of abstention.

Recently, we elected our 2017-2018 MYG Youth Board, and we plan to upgrade our MYG at ICSC brand this summer. Our next full semester begins after Ramadan, but before that, there’s also an Eid-Ul-Fitr Beach Bonfire Celebration plan in the works! Check back soon for more info. After Ramadan, we hope to engage in more hands-on activities outside of the Center – such as field trips, community outreach engagement events, Book Club, Movie Club, and so much more. 

Our youth have built a sense of camaraderie; they look out for each other, and encourage each others’ successes. This is the culture of the MYG at ICSC.

Nia Malika-Dixon, MYG Youth Coordinator

The time we spend together in MYG has been very rewarding, and absolutely valuable. Trading knowledge and sharing stories of experiences strengthens our bonds as Muslims. Whether it’s through storytelling via films and television series,’ or through connecting with our members through their challenging times and celebrating through their triumphs. Being there for each other must be our top priority to our community. Insha’Allah, our MYG at ICSC is destined for success as a community together and we welcome you to be a part of that beautiful future! Ramadan Mubarak!