Iftar Sponsorship Program

Community iftars have long been a cornerstone of our Ramadan experience here at the Islamic Center. After a day of fasting, we look forward to sitting down and sharing a meal with our families and friends. This year, the Islamic Center has committed to serving iftar thirteen nights throughout the month of Ramadan and we depend on the generous contributions of our community in order to make it all possible.

In total, we expect to average over 550 meals per night and serve over 7,000 meals during our Friday – Sunday community iftars. Since each meal is valued at $8 (excludes overhead), we will need to raise $58,500 to cover the costs of iftar for the month of Ramadan. 

Will you consider making a financial gift to help us meet our goal? 
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Every donation makes a difference so we have made it possible to sponsor a single meal for $8, an entire night of iftar for $3,000, or you may choose to donate any amount of your preference. 

Please visit our Iftar Sponsorship page to make your contribution today. The success of our community iftars is highly dependent on the generosity of each of you. We truly appreciate your willingness to support us in providing our Islamic Center with a fulfilling spiritual experience this Ramadan. Thank you!

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