We Must Stop AAPI Hate

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

We Must Stop AAPI Hate

The Islamic Center of Southern California condemns the rising tide of hate and violence directed toward Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. We call upon our elected officials, media, law enforcement, and other leaders in society to do more to counter the thinking and acts that are targeting this important part of the American mosaic.

Such acts of hate and irrational thinking is rooted in ignorance and fear. It is yet another example of how of xenophobia and irresponsible rhetoric can lead to the degrading of American society. It runs counter to what faith and religion teaches, and is against the norms of a harmonious nation we Americans strive for.

We pray for the victims and stand in solidarity with all those affected.

May God guide us all as we strive only in His cause.