When renowned Islamic thinker Dr. Fathi Osman moved to Los Angeles in 1987, he became a resident scholar at the Islamic Center, advancing the credibility of the moderate-thinking institution. Dr. Osman served the community through his prolific sermons and academic lectures that advanced the understanding of progressive Islam, including the understanding of women’s issues in Islam, Judao-Christian-Muslims relations and the permanent and transitional teachings in Islam. Among his many works, his most noteworthy is “Concepts of the Quran” (1996), a unique English-language commentary that explores topical subjects in the Quran. His last work, “The Permanent and the Transitional in the Islamic Sources: A Study of Jihad and Hudud,” was completed in 2016 based on a series of lectures by the late Dr. Osman and edited by his daughter Dr. Ghada Osman.