ICSC Statement and Town Hall Meeting on U.S. Embassy Move to Jerusalem

Yesterday’s announcement by President Trump to move our embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem reverses nearly seventy years of national policy. It is yet another example of how our country has never been fair arbiter of peace and justice between the Palestinians and Israelis. Although President Trump’s announcement was more symbolic in nature than anything else, the Islamic Center of Southern California firmly denounces his decision. Jerusalem will always be a holy city to Muslims, Christians and Jews alike and this is a devastating threat to coexistence – ending any possibility of peaceful negotiations.
As Muslims in America, let us not react with emotion. Rather, let us engage in action and alliance building, such that one day we can guide our nation to a fair and just approach to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.  Let us build political and moral clout to guide our nation away from supporting oppression. And may President Trump’s announcement re-invigorate people of all faiths to come together, organize and work for justice.
On Sunday, December 10, from 1:30 – 3 p.m., the ICSC invites you to join us for a Town Hall meeting where we will engage this important conversation. We will hear from speakers representing the three Abrahamic faiths who have a deep understanding of the history of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict leading up to current day conditions in Jerusalem. Our experts will also share useful information on how we can get involved and make a difference. More details will be announced in the coming days.
We ask God to bless us all with patience, for the work we do today may not pay dividends any time soon. Insha’Allah, with intelligence and wisdom, we will work to make our nation better, countering the wrong-headedness that has gained political power with goodness and fortitude.
May God guide us all as we strive only in His cause.