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Sunday Lectures

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Sunday Lecture:
Quranic Stories w/ Dr. Layla Ozgur Alhassen
Sunday, March 21st | 12:00PM | Zoom

Join us this Sunday for a special three part lecture series with Dr. Layla  Ozgur Alhassen. This lecture series will examine Qur’ānic stories, from  overview of the style and content to specific stories and the lessons we can learn from them. 

Dr. Leyla Ozgur Alhassen is a scholar of Quranic stories and narrative who uses this knowledge to engage with interfaith communities. As a co-founder of the Muslim Jewish Arts Fellowship, Dr. Alhassen puts on events such as interfaith textual studies and art gallery shows that showcase the intertwining themes of Islamic and Jewish texts. This work was inspired by her mother’s organizing with the Islamic Center of California in Los Angeles, and she is also joined in this work by her husband, one of the first fellows of New Ground: A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change. Dr. Alhassen believes that these community-based artistic projects support her academic work beautifully, illuminating the ways in which Quranic studies enhances the day to day lives of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Besides the Arts Fellowship, Dr. Alhassen has served as a Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley’s Department of Near Eastern Studies and was previously a Sultan Fellow in the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. (Source: