ICSC Statement on Sri Lanka Easter Bombing

CSC Grieves for Sri Lankan Christians Attacked on Easter.
Our hearts and souls are once again grief-stricken. The news of over 200 worshippers in Sri Lanka being slain as they engaged in prayer and remembrance of God for Easter gives us deep sorrow and sadness.
May God shower mercy on those killed, and may their loved ones be enveloped in God’s comfort and mercy at this most difficult time. We pray for the speedy and full recovery of the over 200 others who were injured in the attacks.
The satanic forces that gave rise to this act of terror and barbarity should be combatted at all levels. We pray the perpetrators are swiftly caught and brought to justice.
The Islamic Center of Southern California stands shoulder-to-shoulder with our Christian brethren in humanity. We pray and will continue to act for peace and harmony for all.
May God guide us all as we strive only in His cause.