Home to Me

Few people can say they’ve been members of the Islamic Centers practically their whole lives. One of them is 22-year-old Wasi.

“I’ve benefitted from it personally in my own growth and development,” He says. “I’ve developed my spirituality here.”

From a young age, Wasi began attending the New Horizon School, Junior Youth Group and Muslim Youth Group. In fact, as a Youth Group leader, Wasi says his involvement at the Center has inspired him to branch out and become more involved in the Greater L.A. community.

“I found my mentors here at the Islamic Center — people who have encouraged me, taught me and pushed me to assume responsibility. It has helped me in all aspects of my life, and I feel indebted to the community and the Center, which is home to me,” he says.

One of the things Wasi appreciates about the Islamic Center is that “it’s grounded in the reality that we are both Americans as well as Muslims.”

He also feels encouraged to think, ask questions and cultivate his spirituality. With a “focus on young people and knowledge,” some of the Center’s unique features have indeed helped shape him into the young leader he is today.