Living my Faith

For the past 10 years, Mustafa has volunteered in the Center’s Food Pantry program and the social services committee. But it was literally the first time he attended an Islamic Center program that his interest in serving the community was sparked.

“The first Friday khutba I heard, given by Dr. Hassan Hathout, changed my approach of understanding Islam,” he says of one of the Center’s visionary leaders, who has since passed away but his words have inspired many.

Mustafa recalls the sermon focused on religious inclusivity and interfaith dialogue – and how Muslims should come together with other world religions “to work for equality and fairness for all.”

“Now in this difficult time for Muslims and other minorities in this country, it reinforces the need for religious acceptance I heard so long ago from Dr. Hathout,” says Mustafa, who over the years has seen people from all faiths come together for the common good.

During the 2016 Abraham Unity Walk, he marched in solidarity alongside Jews and Christians. And after the 2016 presidential elections, he was one of hundreds who attended the #IAMAMERICA vigil at the Dolores Mission Catholic Church in Pasadena to denounce hatred and intolerance.

“Our religion inspires us to give back to community and help others. And being part of the Islamic Center has given me opportunities to live my faith alongside my brothers and sisters.”