Welcome Home

Originally from Indonesia, Moety has made a home in America and feels the Islamic Center is also her home away from home.

“The Islamic Center has built a community for everybody to be welcomed and feel at home even though some of us have moved far away from the places we once called home. But we now have the Center, and this has become a special place for us,” she says.

Her children attended and graduated from the ICSC Sunday school program in the late 90s. And over the years, Moety and her family have volunteered at many Center occasions such as Eid Al-Adha, Mother’s Day as well as distributing meals during Ramadan and at the Food Pantry.

She emphasizes how even more important the Center is these days during “this difficult time.”

“It’s a place where the community can come to learn and practice our faith with our brothers and sisters and feel safe doing so because it has a strong partnership with law enforcement and civic leaders.”