Sunday Lecture: Freedom & Causality in Islam w/ Dr. Özgür Koca

Sunday Lecture: Freedom & Causality in Islam w/ Dr. Özgür Koca

Freedom & Causality in Islam w/ Dr. Özgür Koca
June 13th, 20th, 27th | 12:00PM | Zoom

Join us for a special lecture series titled “Freedom & Causality in Islam” with Dr. Özgür Koca from Bayan Islamic Graduate School.

Dr. Özgür Koca (PhD, Claremont Graduate University) is an assistant professor of Islamic Studies and Philosophy at Bayan Islamic Graduate School.

He also holds a B.A. degree in Physics, and, before entering the field of Islamic studies, taught physics and mathematics at the high school and college level in different countries. Koca’s work focuses on the intersection of Islamic theology (kalam), philosophy (falsafa), and spirituality (Sufism) in classical and post-classical Islam. He also examines the implications of these legacies for the realities of modern Islam. This implicates issues of the religion and science debate, pluralism, interreligious discourse, and related areas of inquiry.

He is the author of Islam, Causality, and Freedom: From the Medieval to the Modern Era (Cambridge University Press, 2020, forthcoming). He was awarded the Fisher Faculty Teaching Award in 2015 for excellence in teaching. He is currently working on a monograph, tentatively titled: “the Principles of Sufi Metaphysics.”

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