Welcome to Ramadan with ICSC

The Islamic Center of Southern California is excited to announce our 2019 Ramadan program!

In an effort to reach all members of our Center, this year, in addition to our normal line-up, we have expanded our programming to include new programs for kids and creative activities to connect with our faith and each other. From a weekly tafseer, to a kids’ scavenger hunt, and even a Ramadan Book Club – we have something for everyone.

We hope you and your loved ones will join us at the Islamic Center as we pray, fast, and celebrate this Ramadan!


Ramadan Program

The Islamic Center is honored to open its doors to the community every single night during the month of Ramadan. Check back daily for original programs and updates to our program!


Nightly Program

Each night, we come together to listen to Quranic recitation, pray in congregation, and reflect on the revelation of a new chapter in our Holy Quran. Join us to pray alongside us and hear a short commentary from one of our knowledgeable speakers.

Schedule of Events

On Time – Maghrib Prayer

9:00 PM – Recitation

9:45 PM – Commentary

10:00 PM – Isha

10:15 PM – Taraweeh (4 Raqa’a)

10:25 PM – Commentary from Religious Chair, Dr. Saleh Kholaki

10:35 PM – Taraweeh (4 Raqa’a)

10:45 PM – Shaf’ and Witr

11:00 PM – Close (Except Spiritual Nights/Qiyyam. See schedule below.)


Community Iftars

On Saturday and Sunday, the Center hosts community Iftar. It is FREE and open to the public without RSVP. We begin dinner service in the back parking lot after Maghrib. To volunteer and help with Iftar service, please contact Kristen Stangas (Kristen@islamiccenter.com).


Spiritual Nights / Quiyyam

Once a week, our doors stay open all night! Come join us for an evening of prayer and religious programming to help deepen your spirituality and connection with Allah this Ramadan. 

-Saturday, May 11

-Saturday, May 18

-Saturday, May 25

-Friday, May 31 (Lailat al-Qadr/Night of Power)


Special Ramadan Programs

Check back soon as more information is finalized for our Special Ramadan Programs!


2019 Ramadan Programs Calendar

Please subscribe to our 2019 Ramadan Calendar for up-to-date information on our nightly activities.

(Click here to download for iCal) or (Click here to download for Gmail).