Now Hiring: Junior Youth Group Coordinator

Job Title: Junior Youth Group Coordinator
Job Type: Part-time
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Hire Date: August 2019

Junior Youth Group Overview:

Junior Youth Group at the Islamic Center of Southern California (ICSC) is a five-year Islamic enrichment program for middle school youth (aged 10 to 13) and high school lowerclassmen (aged 13 to 15), and serves as a bridge between New Horizon Sunday School (for preschool and elementary school students) and the Muslim Youth Group (for adolescents and young adults). Class runs from 10am-11:45am, followed by a 15-minute break, then an optional Arabic class from 12-1pm.

While the first three years function to introduce youths to Islamic studies and to emphasize Islam as a virtuous, everyday way of life, the next two years invite youth to think critically about their Muslim identity, signal the importance of their social activism and leadership, and emphasize their responsibility in changing and responding to negative portrayals of Islam in their national context.

Junior Youth Group Coordinator Major Duties:

(1) Direct students, prepare lesson plans and initiate activities and opportunities for students to engage in local community as well as interfaith groups

(2) Provide mentoring opportunities for students to be paired with Muslim Youth Group (MYG) students

(3) In-person and email correspondence with professionals involved with the youth group (e.g. guest speakers, mosque administrators etc.)

(4) Junior Youth Group website content maintenance

(5) Research on and creation of powerpoints on Islamic figures, Islamic history and theology, and on current events affecting Muslims around the world

(6) Booking of guest speakers for class sessions. Past speakers have spoken about hadeeth, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), contemporary ethical issues and much more.

(7) Planning of field trips for students to learn further about topics explored in groups -and managing parent volunteers

(8) Drafting of weekly communication with parents

(9) Plan and implement games and icebreakers to strengthen bonds between students


(1) Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university in any field (Graduate Degrees highly preferred)

(2) Prior demonstrated knowledge about Islamic history, theology and philosophy, and/or about current events affecting Muslims around the world a plus

(3) Desire to and enthusiasm about working with youth aged 10-15 (Teaching background and certification is a plus)

(4) Strong communication and organizational skills

(5) Strong leadership skills

(6) A positive, kind and open disposition

(7) A passion for Islamic knowledge and spirituality

(8) The ability to be emphatic and non-judgmental

(8) Organizational skills

How To Apply

Kindly email a résumé and cover letter to Mr. Kenan Kapetanovic at:  All applicants will be reviewed and only those deemed most qualified will be invited to participate further in the selection process.