The 2019 MYG Ski Trip was one of the best experiences I have had within my Muslim community. As a person who is not around a Muslim youth community, I never take the time at MYG or the MYG ski trip for granted. The first night we got to the campsite and arrived at our cabins, it was already fun getting to know and talk with my cabin-mates and later on close friends. Throughout the Ski Trip, I took advantage of all the time I had. My new friends and I would talk constantly, play in the snow, go sledding, went hiking, and got to know each other well in those four days that we spent together. The MYG ski trip was not only an amazing trip to make new friends and get to know the Muslim youth around me, but it was also a great experience to reflect on ourselves, Allah(SWT), and Islam. The group would pray together and we would sometime take moments of silence to think about our relationship with Allah(SWT). Reflecting and observing the breathtaking nature and views reminded me about how I grateful I should be to not only be surrounded by nature, but also how lucky I am to have been to be with a supportive and amazing Muslim youth community and friends. The 2019 MYG Ski Trip went above and beyond and was an unforgettable religious and social experience that I will never forget.


Written by: Ranneme Abu-Hajar, the MYG President