In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Greetings of Peace!
On behalf of the Islamic Center of Southern California, we stand in solidarity with ISLAH, ILM Foundation, Muslim ARC and all of the organizers of this event and the rest of our brothers and sisters in faith & humanity.
It is an honor to be among my fellow Muslim brethren on a day that marks our country’s independence. Let this day be a celebration of inclusion.
Let us declare this July 4, 2020 (in solidarity) to mark our coming together under God to forge the path our Prophet who had so beautifully modeled for us to pursue justice and mercy in all our dealings with each other and stood against oppression as ordered by God.
Racial injustice stems back to the birth of our nation and continues to be practiced – and so blatantly as we all have witnessed in the media just 5 weeks ago with the most recent horrific incident of the unjustified killing of Mr. George Floyd and the prior killing of Breonna Taylor and Elijah McClain and the list goes on.
The Islamic Center condemns police brutality and systemic racism Specifically we call for the police officers involved to be accountable to the fullest extent of the law, for meaningful reform and education as well we de-escalation training.
In solidarity, we stand as Muslims with our duty to uphold justice and fight oppression with our intellect, skills, and our resolve to work together.
Our beautiful religion gives us the model and guide to do so.
It starts with education and it is the resolve of the Islamic Center of Southern California to look within and educate ourselves and the community, to expand the number of open and honest dialogues and learn about each other to solidify our bond of solidarity.
The systemic practices of racism practiced for 400 years will be a formidable challenge to address and it will take all of us to work on all levels to make a difference.
May God bless and guide us as we stand in solidarity to establish mercy and justice for all.

 Dr. Lena AlSarraf
 ICSC Board Chair

Watch ICSC Board Chair Dr. Lena Alsarraf’s remarks at 33:00-36:05

Click here to watch the full video on Islah LA’s Facebook page. We thank all those from the ICSC community who took part in this powerful event for justice.