Interfaith Iftar in Pasadena

On Monday, June 12, the ICSC held its first ever iftar with the First United Methodist Church community in Pasadena. Approximately 80 Muslims and non-Muslims were in attendance. This dinner served as a celebration of our new friendship and the recent establishment of the Pasadena Jum’a satellite on the church grounds.  The evening’s program started with a warm welcome by Pastor Sandy Olewine, pastor at First United Methodist.  Hedab Tarifi (ICSC Chairperson) and Dr. Rizwan Bhatti (ICSC Board Member) also shared a few words before Dr. Laila Al-Marayati delivered a beautiful overview of Ramadan.

Throughout the night, members of both congregations spent time getting to know each other while sharing a delicious, catered halal dinner and a plethora of deserts.  Kenan Kapetanovic (ICSC Director of Operations) stated, “Tonight was a beautiful night. We are very appreciative of the church congregation for opening its doors and hope that this iftar is the first of many in the future.”  The ICSC is looks forward to our continued partnership.