NHSLA & ICSC: Parenting Workshop: Effective Techniques

NHSLA & ICSC: Parenting Workshop: Effective Techniques

All stages of parenthood can be challenging. To overcome these challenges and to educate ourselves as parents, proper parenting skills and education are imperative. Parenting education promotes the use of positive parenting practices, such as using positive language, planned discipline and guidance, and family routines. It also gives us better insight into our children and our styles of parenting so that we can evaluate and improve our strategies based on the needs of our children. Due to the needs of our parents and children, New Horizon School and Islamic Center of Southern California are offering a series of parenting education classes to the community.      

Classes designed around child development, parenting and discipline styles, effective communication skills, and how to deal with feelings will provide us with resources, skills, and techniques to use at home when interacting with our children. These classes can help us deal with daily parenting issues and problems, help us understand why problems arise, what are the other ways to approach problems, and what are appropriate methods for guiding children. Attending these classes might leave us with a new perspective on our parenting style and the relationship we have with our children.

Parenting Education Series: 

No. Day/Date TimePresenter Topic
1. Saturday / 9/19/2010:00-11:30 amDr. Mahera Ruby How to Create and Maintain a Structured and Positive Home Environment
2.Saturday / 9/26/2010:00-11:30 amDr. Muhammad Abdul Bari Non-Violence Parenting: Discipline vs. Punishment and Shame vs. Guilt
3. Saturday / 10/3/202010:00-11:30 amRokeya Rahman Parenting Strategies During COVID-19
4.Saturday / 10/10/2010:00-11:30 amKaniz Fatima Remote Learning: How to Maintain Healthy Screen Time


Short Bio of the Trainers/Presenters: 

Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari (Educationalist, physicist, author, and consultant, UK, London)
A Bangladeshi-born British physicist, writer, teacher, and community leader. He is a former secretary of Muslim Aid, a former chairman of the East London Mosque, and a former secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain. He has been described as one of the most influential Asian Muslims in Western Europe.  He is the founder and director of Amana Parenting, London, UK. He has written for publications including the Huffington Post and Al Jazeera, and has authored numerous books, such as- 

The Greatest Gift: A Guide to Parenting from an Islamic Perspective.
Cherishing Childhood: A Guide to Parenting in Islam
Addressing Adolescence: A Guide to Parenting in Islam
Marriage and Family Building in Islam.

Dr. Mahera Ruby (Lecturer, author, parenting consultant, life coach, London, UK)
Lecturer in Early Childhood Education, University of West London, former teaching fellow at UCL Institute of Education, founder, and director of Blooming Parenting where she designs and delivers one-to-one and group training on parenting across communities. She has authored numerous journals and book, such as – 

Family Jigsaws- Grandmothers: The missing piece in bilingual children’s learning identities

Kaniz Fatima (Educationalist, parenting consultant, author, Alberta, Canada)
Former assistant professor at Northern University Bangladesh, former teacher at Neil Dennis Kematch Memorial School, Manitoba, Canada. She has authored and translated several books in Bengali, such as– 

The Principles of Parenting

Rokeya Rahman (Educationalist, writer, trainer, community activist, LA. USA) 
Associate Professor, Child, Family and Education Department at East Los Angeles College, Adjunct professor at Los Angeles City College, faculty trainer at ELAC, former teacher at Manarrat International College, Bangladesh, former site director and Instructional Coach at Volunteers of America Los Angeles. She has written several articles on parenting and youth issues, such as- 

Our Families and Our Responsibilities
Parent-Child Communication
Generation Gap: Is it a Challenge or Strength?

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Sep 26 2020


10:00 am - 11:30 am

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