On Friday, Jan. 19, Councilman David Ryu (District 4) and Joumana Silyan-Saba (Director of Public Safety at the office of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti) met with ICSC leadership to discuss furthering the collaboration between the Center and the city of LA to support the needs of the community. Over the past 18 months, the ICSC has been working hand-in-hand with Dr. Heather Laird-Jackson (Marriage & Family Therapist and Director of the Center for Muslim Mental Health and Islamic Psychology at USC) to provide counseling services to approximately 100 ICSC community members. In addition to counseling services, the Center has also made community education a priority – highlighting various mental health topics at Sunday Programs and Family Night programs throughout the year. Originally, these efforts had been receiving funding through MPAC’s Safe Spaces program, but now, with a reduction in that funding, the ICSC has been working hard alongside the Mayor’s office to find new ways to continue offering these resources. Councilman Ryu recently vocalized his support for the Islamic Center’s efforts to institutionalize our mental health programs. The Center’s effort in building healthy relationships with Los Angeles civic leaders and neighbors continues to open doors and help meet the needs of our diverse ICSC community.

For additional information on the mental health services provided by the Islamic Center, please email info@islamiccenter.com – or – support this program today by making a donation on our website.